Coronavirus Drug Development Studies

Coronavirus drug development studies are first to determine the coronavirus drug potentials of drugs approved by the FDA and used for other diseases with re-purpose. The necessity of this is due to the urgent need for medication for an epidemic. It is a vinegar that takes years to develop, license and use an effective drug for disease, but the corona virus spreads extremely quickly. In this context, it is extremely important to determine the effects of already approved drugs on coronavirus because they are already used. Coronavirus The first step in drug development and repurposing existing approved drugs is computerized calculation methods. Inhibition of coronavirus-related receptors and enzymes, that is, preventing these structures with existing drugs, appears as the first priority. Favicovir, which has started mass production in our country, is such a drug. You can learn more about favicovir in coronavirus drug development, the structure and chemical properties of favicovir from the article Favicovir — National Medicine Against Covid-19. In addition, the Covid Guide published by the Ministry of Health provides information about the re-purposing of drugs.

In coronavirus drug development studies, both drug discovery and drug re-purpose are carried out by a series of computational methods. These methods include ligand-based or structure-based modeling. For more detailed information on structure-based drug discovery or ligand-based drug discovery, you can review Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) and Molecular Docking and Its Use in Drug Design.

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