Favicovir and Covid-19 Treatment

Favicovir acts like other drugs containing the active ingredient favipiravir. It simply acts as a treatment by successfully inhibiting some of the enzymes of the Covid-19 virus. This effect has been proven by many academic studies. The number of these academic studies is increasing day by day. This situation should not lead to the use of indiscriminate medication and should only be used with the doctor’s advice. It should not be forgotten that every drug has more or less side effects.

Favicovir side effects include diarrhea. Diarrhea is quite common among favicovir side effects. Click for more information

Diarrhea is not the only one in terms of Favicovir side effects. It has some important side effects. Another important feature of Favicovir that should be taken seriously is related to its use in pregnancy. It can be harmful to the baby. If you are a pregnant woman who should use this drug, you should definitely tell your doctor. Also favicovir passes into milk. In other words, if you are a breastfeeding woman, be sure to tell your doctor. This medicine may be harmful to the baby.

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