Potassium Permanganate(KMnO4)

Potassium permanganate is a very strong oxidizer. Permanganate of potassium, an inorganic complex, is used as an oxidizer, especially in organic reactions. It is dark purple, violet in color. KMnO4, which has a very characteristic color, dissolves in water. Its strong oxidizing nature also makes it a very effective cleaning agent. The outer walls or cellular integrity of harmful organisms such as viruses and bacteria cannot remain intact under such a strong oxidizing effect. However, its use for this purpose is not very common. Because potassium permanganate is extremely toxic. Such a toxic substance should not come into contact with humans. Therefore, even if used, solutions at low concentrations are used.

Regarding the chemical structure, the visual below shows the molecular structure of KMnO4. As can be seen, manganese and oxygen atoms are linked to each other by covalent bonds. Potassium is positively charged against negatively charged oxygen, and this makes the molecule stable. Molecular mass is 158.03 g / mol. It is odorless. Its melting point is 240 degrees Celsius. It is in the strong oxidizer class. For more information: ortaakarsu.net/potassium

Biochemist. He works in computational chemistry. Inorganic chemistry is one of his specialties.

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