What is Favipiravir? What Are the Side Effects of Favipiravir?

What Are Covid-19 Drugs? Favicovir side effects
Favipiravir Molecule

There is no difference between Favipiravir and Favicovir. The only difference between the two drugs is their name. This is due to the places that produce. In Turkey, these drugs are manufactured and marketed Favicov. As a result of the rapid spread of this matter and the need for emergency medicine Covidien-19 disease drug began to be mass production started in Turkey and took the new name. Below is how Favipiravir inhibits the Covid-19 RNA polymerase enzyme.

So in short, both drugs are the same. There is no difference between the effects of the two. To learn more about Favicovir, you can read the post on favicovir side effects. In this article, favipiravir is also mentioned.

Favicovir, or favipiravir, was discovered in drug discovery studies in the same way as other drug discovery techniques. In other words, first computational chemistry studies, then in vitro and in vivo studies were mentioned. Here, phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 experiments are in question.

Favipiravir molecule is a pyrazine derivative. This molecule has been designed as an antiviral. Its design purpose and main use is the influenza virus. When the Covid-19 outbreak broke out, while looking for molecules that could cure the disease, it was found that Covid-19 affected the RNA polymerase enzyme with favipiravir re-purposing studies. This strong effect has manifested itself in many clinical studies, with good clinical results reported in moderate and mild patients.

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